Monday, January 13, 2014

New Music Monday: Meet Ancestree

New Music Monday
homegrown in the 831


Living in today’s digital world, I get a lot of my music, well digitally.  There's still something so exciting however about being handed a CD that you've never heard before. I was handed Ancestree’s latest Album, Earth Rebel, after they played a killer set at the Benefit for Big Sur.  It’s pretty much lived in my cars CD player ever since.  

Needless to say, over the past few weeks, its all my kids and I listen to when we drive, which is all the time.  It always takes me a while to get into a full album, not like a single song that you fall in love with.  Albums for me are often an evolution. Maybe there's that one song that grabbed you in the first place and made you want to hear the rest, or the one with the lyrics you can't sing loud enough, or that catchy tune you just can't get out of your head.  Anyway, for me, albums are usually an evolution of all of the above.

Earth Rebel was a little different for me however.  In a world of overproduced music, I haven't felt that “excitement” in the bottom of my tummy the way I used to in my late teens early 20’s in a long time.  One of the reasons why I love shows and live recordings best.  Its the rawness of it.  Earth Rebel, is just that.  RAW.  I love it.  Cant get enough of it actually.  Each time I listen, I get that excitement of being just a kid, getting ready for festival season, or that next epic show in the city or Santa Cruz. (Those places were far away and really exciting when we were younger).  

Ancestree has an unexpected passion when they perform live.  In person, they are quiet and unassuming. Some of the kindest, happiest and gentlest folks you'll ever meet.  Rolling from show to show in their big yellow bus “Sunrise”, which Ive decided is what their always headed for.  And then they play...BOOM! Exploding to life with the first rip of music.

The Earth Rebel album captures that energy and passion fully with each song.  I find myself singing along to lyrics with songs such as Jah Warriors, Freedom fighters, See I thru and especially Jah Meditation which is catchy and my kids sing loudly from the backseat.

Ancestree gets an A+ from me. Not because they are at their peak, they've got a long and beautiful journey ahead of them and I’m so looking forward to hearing and watching their progression and growth.  They get an A+ from me because they put uncommon soul and passion into their music, and in return captured mine.  That to me, is the true essence of quality music I want to listen to.  Its few and far between that I get inspired in such a way by music anymore.  I hope that it is an essence they never lose.

Want to hear what I'm talking about for yourself?  Check out their website and social media, buy a CD and hit their next show.  Until then….I’m doing a giveaway, right here, right now of the album Earth Rebel.  Here's what you need to do to win it:

1.  Share this Blog Post
2.  LIKE and SHARE the Ancestree FB page
3.  Leave us a comment here on this Blog letting us know you have done both 1 & 2.

The winner will be announced Friday Jan. 17th on our Facebook page, so stay tuned!!

We also want to thank our friends over at the 831's own SkyHaus Studio for sponsoring this and New Music Monday's.

~ Iris ~

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