Wednesday, January 29, 2014

831 Presents Dewey and the Peoples

Dewey and the Peoples at Cibo
Jan. 24th 2014

Instead of our usual event write up, I'm simply posting a letter that Aaron wrote to Dewey and the Peoples manager, Reid, for this past weeks 831 Presents event.  I feel as though this letter says almost everything we wanted to share about the evening.  The one thing I will add is how honored we were to have our very dear friends from Stage Media in attendance shooting the ENTIRE show for us.  Stage Media shoots some of the biggest bands, and for some of the biggest festivals, and we are humbled to have had James, Gary and Marlena at our latest event.  James shot so much footage of the evening that he actually had to get 4th hard drive.  We can't wait to share with you the photos and videos of that evening.  Thank you to everyone who joined us, and for those that couldn't, we look forward to seeing you soon! ~Iris

Reid, I will have you know.. they did a upstanding amazing job last friday... they played from 10pm till 1:30am,... other than the grateful dead i have never seen or witnessed a band jam that well for that long .. they bar crowd wanted more..(don't blame em) but under laws by permit we had to shut it down.. not wanting to Disappoint any fan...Darren grabbed his acoustic and marched right back into the bar, blisters on his fingers and all.. he played for the crowd that was yelling more!! more!! a few minutes before. I have not yet encountered a level of professionalism dedication and above all, the actions of a gentleman as I have with the two times working with Dewey and the Peoples. We are very excited to know them, have seen them. and feel blessed to see them again.. I mean this from my heart.. they are a inspiration beyond just music..but as members of the community ... Much love and praise... they have a home here anytime needed...Aaron

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