Monday, February 17, 2014

New Music Monday - HIRIE

Its Monday, and you know what that means…New Music Monday!!

Early Feb has brought some exceptionally good new music through the 831. Hirie is one of the artists that I have been enjoying since this summer. My kids even love her. Naturally, when I found out that she would be performing in our area not just once, but twice, I was pretty excited to see her perform. We caught Hirie Sat. Feb 8th at Santa Cruz's new up and coming hot spot, The Reef Bar and Restaurant, along with Fortunate Youth, local band Animo and our friends Irie Fuse.

Hirie sings with a passion and joy equaled only by her contagious smile. Her band was tight and full of energy, the crowd was singing along to the songs, and the room was vibrating. Hirie sings Reggae with a heavy but fun pop influence. The covers she chose were some of my favorites, including Tanya Stephens “Its a Pity” and the Expendables “Bowl for Two”. It is Hiries originals however that really catch my ear and stick in my head. My kids can’t get enough of the song “Sensi Boy”, and neither can I. It is a regular on our long drives in the car, and we sing it shamelessly. However one of my favorites lately is her song “Smile”. “If the weight of the world is heavy on your mind, lift up your soul and smile. I love it when you smile, I said I love it when you smile….live how you love, let your journey begin” This song will bring you smiles and that “hirie” feeling for your Monday all day!

What is HIRIE? Hirie is the combination of the words “hawaii” and “Irie”, bringing you that special kind of Island Aloha Vibe. “HIRIE is a lifestyle I want people to love and become accustomed to. The island-way of living is contagious; healing the mind, body and spirit. The same goes for its music. When people hear my songs, I want them to feel disconnected from their troubles. Music that brings you to a positive place: that’s reggae. Music that lifts you to higher space: that’s HIRIE”. -HIRIE

Keep an eye on this one...she’s doing big things!

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