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New Music Monday meet Arden Park Roots

New Music Monday meet Arden Park Roots

As any of you who know me already know, I've been repping Arden Park Roots for a while now.  Not only do I love the music these boys make, I love these boys as well.  APR was one of the first bands I worked with and they have a special place in my heart.  Ty, Nick, Murf and Junior live hard, work hard and play even harder.  The APR boys are some of the most humble guys and I have much respect for that.  To me, a great band is not only the music but their character as well, and these guys have character in droves.  Were here to talk about the music though aren't we….so lets do that.

Tylers got a captivating voice.  It grabs you and pulls you in with real, relatable lyrics and a subtle sensuality that melts all the girls.  He has a stage presence that brings you along for the ride, involving the crowd and playing with his band mates. Tyler is a true entertainer.  Hats off to you Ty for that.  Nick sneaks up on you with a quickness as one of the best, most talented guitar players in the biz, always showing off and playing his ax over his head and tearing it up the whole show.  Spencer….always makes me smile and I dance because of him.  He rocks the bass line hard and steady on ol’ Mourning Wood (his bass) and has a smile that is beyond contagious as he rocks out on the stage.  Jason kills the drum set, every time.  Keeping the rhythm rocking and the beat moving.  Lastly, Matt….friend, driver, all around go to guy and an integral part of what happens in the APR world.  Gotta love Matty. No one could take better care of these guys, getting them from point A to point B swiftly, safely and with a vengeance.  Tearing up roads I didn't know he had it in him to drive and getting the band to some insane venues all across the country. He even does some vocals on the. new album

Tour Life.  Spring Tour for 'Burning the Midnight Oil' with James Cavern

Private Party.  Photo by: Patrice Ward

Livermore Regae Nights.  Photo by: Stage Media

As you can see, APR is a special band to me, and I hope they will be a special band for you...favorite songs…?  Green Anthem, When the Bulls Come Running, Under the Sun, What You Got To Lose and Contemplate to name a few…..Their 4th studio album is set to release this month. ‘Burning the Midnight Oil’  is highly anticipated and from what I have heard so far, the bands sound has progressed even further.  I am eagerly anticipating this one.  Turning it up loud on a long car adventure is the only way to listen to a new album.

To learn more about Arden Park Roots, you can follow them on their Social Media sites and Websites which I have listed below. Want to catch them in person?  They hit the 831 THIS SUNDAY (Easter) for their 4/20 show at Moes Alley in Santa Cruz with Zuhg and Animo.  Tickets are going fast for this one, so be sure to get them NOW while you can!

Arden Park Roots is:

Tyler Campbell - Lead Vox/Rhythm Guitar
Nick Ledoux "El Guapo" - Guitar
Spencer Murphy "Murf" - Bass
Jason Duvall - Drums

IG: @ardenparkroots
• Private BDay Party in Big Sur.  Photo by Patrice Ward •
Thank you to our friends at SkyHaus Studios for making New Music Monday possible.

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